Our story

How everything started.
A teacher sets out on an adventure of a special kind: Under a mango tree she teaches children in Gambia for one year free of cost. Children, who otherwise don’t stand any chance of education. In this endevour she is supported by 25 sponsors during her leave of absence in one school-year. What do you need? she asks. And the Gambians said straight away: Our children need education. A reporter arrives, an article appears in the german magazine "Bild der Frau" (Christmas 2015) and from a complete structural shell, a 30sqm classroom is created in the midst of dilapidated huts.
Who would have thought that lessons still are going on?

Fajikunda Fajikunda Fajikunda

Our Team

Together we are strong!
Our team in Gambia:

Our Vision

Our Vision

This whole world is like a big school, teaching us to respect life!
When people with heart and hand stand together for a good cause, miracles can happen! That’s our power. That’s our trust. We manifest this through our joint work. In our self-help project we support what is culturally established:

Our School

What we have:

  • 90 Gambian students (male / female )
  • A team of dedicated Gambian teachers
  • A master-builder and a guest-guide
  • A 30 sqm room as a makeshift, until a piece of land is bought and our school can be built
  • Teaching includes learning the language of education of the country (English), traditional songs and dances as well as valuable subjects.


Our donation bank account:
Hand in Hand Worldschool e.V.
IBAN DE23 2005 0550 1373 1358 86
Purpose: teaching in Gambia
Donation certificates can be issued from the end of the year upwards of 100 €.
Here you find the application form for membership/donation certificates and data protection as download.

More options:
As a sponsor, you can receive regular monthly reports and thus always stay up-to-date with touching informations and photos and know currently how the educational project is developing.

Invite us - whether private or as a cultural event.
We offer:
Multimedia presentation Gambia
African dance performance to join in
Information about our lovely educational project

Just get in touch with us!


Our association team volunteers for our first self-help initiative or self-help school. With our ideas and dedication, we build visions that are solidly focused on manifesting.

First chairman: Karin van der Lubbe - teacher at a Hamburg elementary school

Second chairwoman: Parisa Ganji - social worker / social worker of a free carrier in Hamburg

Treasurer: Markus Zoder - Freight Forwarder, Head of the Hamburg Company Heinrich Zoder GmbH

Secretary: Maria Oertel - Dental Assistant in Hamburg

Assessor: Lamin Badjie - craftsman and artist

(Download of the constitution as PDF-file)


Hand in Hand Worldschool e.V.

VR 2063 PI Nr. 1
Karin van der Lubbe
phone +49 (0) 4103/ 989292
Postbox 1118
22780 Wedel/Germany